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Update 17 January 2013. CC Licence changed to ShareAlike.
Thank you to everyone for your emails and support of the Caps Lock and MD5 Checker programs. Sorry I have been unable to respond to you all. Many have offered suggestions of how the programs can be improved and requested additional features. I do agree there is plenty of scope for further improvement and development, but unfortunately due to other commitments I no longer have the time to actively develop these programs. I have decided to release the source code under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) licence in the hope that they will be improved and developed further. The programs have been written in Pure Basic (www.purebasic.com).

MD5 Checker Source Code

Creative Commons Licence
MD5 Checker by George Jopling is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License..

Download MD5 Checker Source Code Click on the Zip icon to download md5checker_code.zip. File size is 7.65 Kb.
MD5: F7DE10EFC4A75F2A8D3DF5371E70C8FA

A utility program for generating, checking and listing file MD5 hashes.

Version 4.0.0 of MD5 Checker is available for download

New to Version 4.0.0

Thank you for your emails, sorry I have not responded to them all. I have read the comments and feedback and most of what you asked for is included in this version.


Although every care has been taken during the design and writing of these computer programs, the programs are provided on an as is basis and the author shall have neither liability or responsibility to anyone with respect to any loss or damages arising from the use of this software. This software is Freeware.

The User Manual menu item and F1 shortcut key are disabled (greyed out) if the program is not installed using the Setup.exe file.

If you have any comments about MD5 Checker or spot any errors or bugs, I can be contacted by email using the below link. Thank you to those who have sent feedback about MD5 Checker.


The Windows installation program was built using Inno Setup Compiler version 5.4.0(a) (Copyright © 1997-2010 Jordan Russell).

MD5 Checker - Downloads

Standard Windows Installation Program (Setup.exe)

Tested with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download the md5checker_setup.zip file, then extract and run Setup.exe. Setup will install MD5 Checker and the user manual.

Download MD5 Checker Windows Setup File Click on the Zip icon to download md5checker_setup.zip. File size is 767 Kb.

Program File Only (MD5 Checker.exe). No User Manual Included.

Click on the Zip icon to download md5checker.zip. No installation is required. Extract the program file MD5 Checker.exe and run it. Tested with Windows XP, Vista and 7).

Download MD5 Checker Click on the Zip icon to download md5checker.zip. File size is 39.5Kb.

Click on the PDF icon below to obtain the MD5 Checker user manual if needed.

MD5 Hashes

md5checker_setup.zip 6FBE2E312EBBE7E552B5782D6FE728C4
MD5 Checker.exe 7AAE601C9F99B3759FBB2B385B7C8B6B
MD5 Checker User Manualmd5checker_manual.pdf 44CAE25A6CCB0CC5EAABE358E0340772
md5checker.zip 7C9FA491DB21A561678164B04D3E9AE7
Read Me.txt 2CDD465DD847C75CB68D869E668CE6CB

MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) - A Brief Explanation and Practical Use Examples

Like our fingerprints are unique to us and can be used to identify us, computer files can also be examined to produce a unique identification in the form of a block of 32 letters and numbers. Using a computer program containing the MD5 creation code (called an algorithm), it can generate this block for each computer file that is examined. This block of 32 letters and numbers is called a hash (also termed Message Digest).

Now that you know what an MD5 hash is, here are some practical examples of how it can be used...

You will see that my website contains published MD5 hashes for the programs I have written. Many other companies and software authors now include this information on their websites. The important part to remember here is to only obtain the published MD5 hash from the author's website or other trusted source. Having downloaded the software, MD5 Checker can then be used to check the downloaded file's MD5 hash against the published one. If the file did not download correctly, for example, the MD5 hash will be different to the published one and you can try downloading it again. Many companies and software authors have different download sites for their software. By using MD5 Checker and a published MD5 hash (from a trusted source), it is a way of checking that the file you have downloaded is correct and has not been altered.

Computer backup programs and duplicate file finder utility programs can take advantage of file MD5 hashes. If you create and save a text document using a text editor program, that file will have its own unique MD5 hash. If you then open the text file again, add some text to it and then save it, the MD5 hash will be different. By comparing a previously saved MD5 hash database against a current check, you can see which files have been changed and backup the changed file.

We have all, I'm sure, copied the same file in two or more different locations and then perhaps changed their names. Although the files have different names, the MD5 hashes will be the same if the file has not been altered. This is how a duplicate file finder utility program can make use of MD5 hashes. Hashes are firstly generated for all the files being checked and where two or more MD5 hashes match, the duplicate finder program will report this and give you the option to delete one or more of them. Such a method is ideal for clearing space on your computer, or finding lost file copies.

MD5 Checker is simple and easy to use. Start MD5 Checker and select the file that you want to check. The chosen file's MD5 hash is automatically generated and displayed. Then obtain the published MD5 hash for that program (from the trusted source). Copy the published MD5 hash on to the Clipboard and click on the MD5 Check button. The published hash is automatically pasted in from the Clipboard and a check made. The result of the check is then displayed. You can try this out with the MD5 Checker files. I have written a small user manual explaining all the other features available in MD5 Checker.

I have noted that some websites link to the previously named download file md5check.zip. I have uploaded a copy of the zip file and named it md5check.zip so that the links will still work. The MD5 hash is the same as both files are identical, only the file name has been changed.
MD5: 7C9FA491DB21A561678164B04D3E9AE7



MD5 Checker

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